Message from the President

Dr. Mary Hawkins

With 50 years of experience, Bellevue University has never had a clearer vision of what it wants to be, where it wants to go, and how it wants to get there. The goal is simple – to become the premier open access university in the United States.

But what does that mean? At Bellevue University, open access means opportunity. Fundamentally, we believe that there should be an equality of opportunity. A college education is the key to unlocking that opportunity.

Once a student takes a seat in a Bellevue University classroom, whether that seat is in the newly renovated science labs in the R. Joe Dennis Learning Center or in a virtual seat from anywhere in the world, they’ll have the opportunity to pursue a career relevant degree that ranges from a Bachelor of Science in Biology to a Ph.D. in Human Capital Management – and more than 70 degrees in between.

Premier open access means once those students are in the classroom they aren’t on their own. They’ll be guided by not only a first-rate faculty featuring educators with experience in the classroom and in the field, but also coaches, counselors, and advisors that will assist them with all aspects of the student experience including finances, career planning, and college life.

Students will find their classroom experience infused with the skills necessary to be successful both in their chosen career field and as an engaged citizen of the world. Importantly, they’ll do that without accumulating the kind of student debt that can handicap them later in life and prevent them from maximizing the education they’ve obtained.

Bellevue University has been a phenomenal place powered by a workforce committed to a student-first ideal. We’ve invested in ourselves, our campus, and our community to provide students a caring, high-quality environment of support.

With a clear vision of who we are, where we want to go, and a plan on how to get there, that goal – becoming the premier open access university in the United States – will swiftly become a reality.

Mary B. Hawkins,
University President