Bachelor's Degree Requirements

To earn an undergraduate degree, students must complete the following credit hours, based on the specific degree earned:
A.S. 60 | B.A. or B.S. 127 * | B.A.S. 124

Other specific requirements for each degree type are listed below.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements (Bachelor and Associate Degrees)

The following requirements are Included in the total credit hours needed.

  • Total requirement of 60 semester credit hours for Associate of Science degrees.
  • Total requirement of 124 semester credit hours for Bachelor of Applied Science degrees.
  • Total requirement of 127 semester credit for Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Science degrees.

*Select Bachelor of Science majors require a minimum of 120 semester credit hours.
All credit hours are stated in semester hours.
The Kirkpatrick Signature Series is not required for the Associate of Science degree.

All graduating A.S., B.A.S., B.A. and B.S. students must:

  • Provide certification of high school completion or the equivalent.
  • Complete the minimum of credit hours as stated above for the degree earned and have an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher in courses taken at Bellevue University.
  • Satisfactorily complete the Integrative General Education core requirements; satisfactorily complete Kirkpatrick Signature Series (bachelor degrees).
  • Complete the requirements for a major in at least one academic area and have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in the major area courses.
  • Complete at least 30 hours of upper-level credit for all bachelor’s degrees.
  • Meet residence requirements of 30 hours for a bachelor’s degree, 15 hours for an associate degree at Bellevue University (Resident credit hours are credits earned at Bellevue University in all approved delivery formats—online, on campus, and hybrid).
  • Complete at least 12 hours of upper-level major credit in-residence for a bachelor degree; 21 for Accounting and Business Administration majors.

You may check the Catalog and Student Handbook for your enrollment period for more information.

Undergraduate Residence Requirements

  • You must successfully complete at least 30 of your credit hours at Bellevue University to be awarded a Bachelor’s degree. Any online or in-class course you take through Bellevue University meets this requirement. Residency in the State of Nebraska is not required.
  • The 30 credit hours of in-residence courses at Bellevue University include a minimum of 12 hours in upper-level (300-400) courses in your major area (21 hours for Accounting and Business Administration Majors).
  • For a second undergraduate degree, you must complete an additional 30 credit hours in-residence through Bellevue University, earned after conferral of the first degree.

Second Bachelor's Degree

Bellevue University undergraduate alumni seeking a second bachelor’s degree must meet the following requirements:

  • Have earned a conferred undergraduate degree from Bellevue University
  • Submission of an admission application for the subsequent undergraduate degree
  • Satisfy all prevailing degree requirements of the subsequent undergraduate degree
  • Previous Bellevue University undergraduate credit earned in residence and not applied towards a conferred degree may be applied toward subsequent undergraduate degrees
  • Subsequent undergraduate degree is comprised of a minimum of 30 credit hours in residence
  • Two degrees of any type may not be awarded simultaneously